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RIP Nuospace

Starting Nuospace we had the idea to make document collaboration joyful and easy. Sadly we failed and the product has never become really useful to many people who wanted to actually pay for it. That’s why as we announced before by mail we are shutting down Nuospace effective today, July 2nd, 2010.

If you have any questions – please feel free to mail us: support ‘AT’ nuospace.com (just replace ‘AT’ with ‘@’ ).

Thanks everyone, who has ever used Nuospace!

Kind regards,
Nuospace team

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Nuospace continues to get traction

I am delighted to admit that Nuospace is geting more and more recognition. Just got a message from SPhred: “SPhred users are liking Nuospace and it has recently made it to ‘This week – Top 5 SPhreds’.” Nuospace has received a lot of recognition from famous media and blogers since its beta announcement: FastCompany, Inc, NewYork Times, Mashable, WebWorkerDaily, and many others wrote about Nuospace. Based on our statistics, more than 600 companies tried Nuospace since beta announcement, and many of them continue to actively use Nuospace in their day-to-day work.

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What really is a wiki?

Enterprise wiki is built around “click-to-edit” concept Marketing theory teaches us that we have to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes to fully understand the benefits he receives from buying our product. As Philip Kotler declares in his “Principles of Marketing” people don’t want a drilling machine, they want a hole in the wall.

So, what really is a wiki from the enterprise consumer’s perspective? A wiki does not introduce a substantially new functionality. Wiki markup is certainly new, but current enterprise wiki products rely on WYSIWYG editing that has been available in most CMS solutions for a long time. How can we explain the rise of the enterprise wiki? What enables a team collaboration product like CentralDesktop to be called a wiki?
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Enterprise collaboration and Santa Claus

Many children believe in Santa just like many adults believe in enterprise collaboration tools, though they have never used any Enterprise collaboration is similar to childish believe in Santa Claus. Any kid below five believes in Santa, but nobody have actually seen him coming down the chimney. Similarly, majority of managers  believe there are plenty enterprise collaboration tools available on the market. But if you ask which one they actually use, the truth is they don’t use any.

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