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Nuospace continues to get traction

I am delighted to admit that Nuospace is geting more and more recognition. Just got a message from SPhred: “SPhred users are liking Nuospace and it has recently made it to ‘This week – Top 5 SPhreds’.” Nuospace has received a lot of recognition from famous media and blogers since its beta announcement: FastCompany, Inc, NewYork Times, Mashable, WebWorkerDaily, and many others wrote about Nuospace. Based on our statistics, more than 600 companies tried Nuospace since beta announcement, and many of them continue to actively use Nuospace in their day-to-day work.

Using betas is always tricky – you don’t know if product is stable, is infrastructure reliable and will product evolve in the right direction to meet you expectations. We hope first Nuospace customers will be awarded for taking this risk with our July release. With a major upgrade of our in-browser editor you can publish rich texts right on worspace pages without a need to create offline documents.

We have discovered that many users come from non-English speaking countries. We have added local languages support. July release will support Spanish, German and Russian. We will be adding more languages as soon as we see enough demand from new customers.

Many people questioned about the commercial version launch date. Free version is limited to 5 users, 200M space and 100 pages. We have not enforced this limitation yet as commercial pack was not ready. We hope to include the commercial pack in July release. It will also support advanced security including SSL and pages encryption – this is a long-awaited feature by our enterprise customers.

Talking about future plans, we aim for a major release this Fall.  We think that Nuospace 1.0 release will make many people to think about changing their company collaboration habits. And the main reason for it is that Nuospace 1.0 will add a real value to their business. This value goes far beyond the usual convenience of collaboration. Exciting, isn’t it?…


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